Who Am I

I am a recent graduate from Dublin Business School’s Business Information Systems with Cloud Computing stream program with a First Class Honor’s Degree. I studied modules such as Cloud Design & Development, Cloud Networking & Security, Data Management & Analysis, Web Application Development, Management, and Strategic Management.

My main interest during college years were focused on Data Analysis, Cloud Computing, and Network Security. I have shared my experiences of Learning Data Analysis with my blog posts. I’ve been learning R, SQL to analyse big data sets and files, while developing cloud based web application on Azure using .NET.

After working for companies such as GVC Holdings and Facebook (through CPL), I’ve decided to pursue a career in an area that I am more interested in and started working with Elma Marketing as a Business Analyst. My main duty was analyzing different data sets to extract insight from various data sources and spot the business problems. I was also responsible to suggest innovative solutions from the results of data analysis.

Please review my CV online or download it in PDF format: